Best Shower Caps Reviews 2019

Not only in the beauty industry but using shower caps are now becomes the most common job. For protecting your hair from water, moisture, and humidity, best shower caps could be very effective and attractive to keep your hair dry and let the style unchanged. The shower caps are one type of shield to protect your hair.

If you have a small head and average amounts of hair then it would easy to find suitable shower caps. Otherwise, you need to spend time matching them with your head and hair. In the case of salted water everyone likes to pick the best shower cap from the market.


Which is the perfect Shower Cap?

There are no universal things that make a shower cap better than the rest. But everyone like to pick the best shower caps out of the crowd. Materials they use pretty much the same without some quality assurance. They do a good job protecting the hair and keeping the water out. They come with a verity of color and printout. You can recognize the quality of products by its appealing look. Low-quality shower caps have some color issue which will be needed to wash before use. So, always keep a deeper look at the printout and color of caps if you would like to pick the best shower cap.

As it’s popular stuff, everybody over the web likes to talk on finding a quality shower cap. It has made another way to mark them as good. A lot of shower caps review is available now where users are sharing their experience. Based on it, we also picked the top 5 best shower cap reviews to help our reader to save time on finding quality shower caps. We sort them out on effectively and attractiveness of the products.


Out 5 Best Shower Caps Reviews


It’s a time consuming fact to search popular and quality products on the market. The culture of review make it easy to get quality item within short time. Here, our research team marked these 5 as best pick shower cap for review.


#1. Betty Dain Fashionista Collection Mold Resistant Lined Shower Cap

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If you want full protection for your hair from water, you should try this shower cap. It will keep your hair dry. Maybe you are planning the vacation somewhere on a beach, it will help you to protect the hair from salted water. Sometimes, it will even give protection from direct sun heat. The main material of the cap is waterproof nylon. It comes with the doted style which looks cool. Unlike some conventional shower caps, it will go with your personality.

No matter how thick or how long your hair is, it will perfectly fit you. The elastic finishing makes it easier to stay fit in your head. It is not too tight or too loses to ensure both comfort and fitting. There are different fabric patterns available for this item.

Betty Dain Fashionista Collection Mold Resistant Lined Shower Cap pros & cons

  • Nylon waterproof fabric for the maximum protection
  • Elasticized hem for your convenience
  • This shower cap is mold and mildew resistant
  • It comes with eco-friendly PEVA lining
  • You can wash it for cleaning
  • Not available in the solid colors
  • It makes a line in the forehead after a long time wearing

If you want the best shower cap to keep your hair dry but don’t want to lose the style, this is for you. It is comfortable to wear and you can choose from a wide range of fabric patterns.

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#2. Betty Dain Socialite Collection Terry Lined Shower Cap

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You may have used different shower caps and you are not pleased with them. In that case, you should buy this Betty Dain shower cap that comes with the full protection for your hair. Distinctfrom some cheap shower caps, it has proper water protection. The main material of this shower cap is waterproof nylon. Also, there is a soft terry cloth lining in it.

People who are suffering from scratch or line on the forehead after usages should try this shower cap. Because of the soft terry cloth, it keeps you comfortable and doesn’t cause any scratch. You can wear it for taking a bath in the sea or you can also use it at your home. You can even use this in the swimming pool without any issues.

Betty Dain Socialite Collection Terry Lined Shower Cap

pros & cons

  • This is a reversible cap that you can use for both shower and sleep time
  • It comes with elasticized hem with stylish accents
  • It is machine washable and easy to clean
  • The leak-proof design ensures the longevity
  • A wide range of fabric options
  • It perfectly fits to thick and longer hair


  • If you don’t dry it after usages may make a bad smell


If you need comfort to wear a shower cap, this is the item that you should purchase. If you keep it clean, there will be no odor.

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#3. Goody Styling Essentials Shower Cap

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If you don’t want to waste money for a single shower cap, you can place an order for this item. There are 3 shower caps in this package. Each one comes with the same size and same quality. These shower caps are best for traveling. You can use them in extreme condition. If you are going for a vacation in the upcoming days, it can be a good companion for you.

It comes with the universal size and fits all. No matter if you got really thick hair, it has enough room inside to accommodate your hair. It comes with the top grade waterproof materials. It really helps when you are taking a steam bath and don’t want to lose your hairstyle.

Goody Styling Essentials Shower Cap pros & cons

  • It is comfortable to wear and doesn’t cause itching
  • Stays dry and gives protection for your hair continuously
  • Durable materials ensure the longevity
  • Universal size fits all comfortably
  • Elastic lining helps to keep the shower cap in place


  • A little bit large which doesn’t suit people with short hair

This is a versatile shower cap that goes with your personality. If you are looking for the best shower cap for travel, this item is the best option.

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#4. Betty Dain Hipster

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This shower cap is crafted from eco-friendly PEVA material. It is reusable and can use for several times. It is suitable for both home and travel. When taking a shower at home and you don’t want to get wet hair, simply place it on your head. It is also suitable to use at sea bath or steam bath.

It is a versatile shower cap which suits to anyone. Do you have really high volume hair? With this Betty Dain hipster shower cap, it won’t be a problem. There is enough space inside the cap that even doesn’t let a single hair to go outside. The best thing is, it won’t spoil your hairstyle.

Betty Dain Hipster pros & cons

  • Elasticized hem with stylish accents for the convenience
  • You can choose from a wide range of fabric patterns
  • This shower cap is both mold and mildew resistant
  • Oversized design is perfect for any kind of hair
  • The versatile design which you can also use during sleep time
  • Leak protection for the longevity


  • This shower cap is not terry lined which you may not like
  • Printing on the cap is not good as expected

This is an ideal shower cap for those who want to use the same cap for a shower and sleep time. You can use this item in any condition to keep your hairs dry.

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#5. Shower Cap – Blue Dot Pattern


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It is a vinyl plastic shower cap that keeps your hairs dry in any condition. It can be a sea shower, shower in a bathtub, or even in a steam bath. This is a heavy-duty shower cap which has an elastic band. In any circumstance, it will stay in place and you don’t have to be worried. The extra-large sizing allows wearing comfortably.

Though there are no sizing options, this one size fits for all. Even if your hair volume is too thick, you can use it. A single hair won’t come outside and you get full protection. You may try this during sleep time, however, it may make some noise when you are moving.

Shower Cap - Blue Dot Pattern pros & cons

  • Vinyl material makes this shower cap really durable
  • Blue dot pattern design to look nice when wearing
  • Comfortable elastic band for perfectly holding the hair
  • The extra-large size that fits all
  • Suitable for taking a steam bath, spa bath, and hair musk
  • Easy to clean after usages with usual wash


  • It is tough to maintain puffiness when your hair is too thick or high volume

This shower cap is an ideal choice for those who want something durable. It does have an elastic band for perfect fitting with comfort.

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Final Words:

Now choosing the best shower caps would be easy from the reviewed products. These shower caps also used in deep conditioning treatments of hair. We always suggest to check more details for products before taking a final decision. It’s not necessary that you these would be perfect but it would help you to find the perfect one.

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