Best Notebooks for Fountain Pens

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Notebooks are one of the most used items in our daily life. Most of the notebook we use, unable to handle fountain pen link. Finding the best notebooks for fountain pens is necessary like perfect ink. No one like to experience the situation that his writing ruined by unsuitable paper. It’s not also possible to change the notebook one after another.

What’s the perfect solution?

Need to find the best notebooks for fountain pens that able to keep your writing unchanged even after a long time.  The reality is, not all notebook papers are created equally. Surely, notebooks with regular paper, not able to handle fountain pen ink. You need to find a notebook that can fit with your writing demand and able to handle the fountain pen ink.

We picked some quality and popular notebooks out of the crowd. Our fountain pen friendly notebook reviews are a great way to find out your comfort zone. If you are still confused, we recommend to check them for at a glance. Most of them have the ability to give excellent writing experience with your fountain pen.


Why People Using the Fountain Pens?

People coming back to traditional options and using a fountain pen. You can use a pen for a long time which increase the reliability of the writing and comfort. Besides this, it simply makes your handwriting better than the previous.


Best Notebooks for Fountain Pens: Our recommendation

#1. LEATHER JOURNAL Writing Notebook

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This journal writing notebook for fountain pens comes with genuine water buffalo leather. Unlike some cheaper products, there is no artificial leather. It is elegant and durable. No matter if you are want to fold it. You will create a beautiful vintage design on it. Simply rub the area if you want it in the previous look. The shaded design will make you feel special.

There are 120 sheets in this notebook and they are ready for writing with fountain pens. There is no chance of ink go through the paper. You can use it for sketching, photo album, Instagram scrapbook and more. The hand-stitched Coptic leather binding makes it durable. You can use it for years and years. Especially, if you save your memorable photos in it, they will look like new as always.

LEATHER JOURNAL Writing Notebook pros & cons


  • Each page has a 1.5-inch thickness to tolerate the fountain pen ink
  • Comes with the hand-cut asymmetric flap
  • Only handcrafted papers for the notebook which is acid-free
  • You can write on both sides without any mess of ink
  • Leather board cover with texture for a stunning look
  • Suitable for a wide range of works


  • This notebook is non-refillable
  • The threaded bindings on the spine are a little bit of lose

For regular works, this notebook is well recommended. However, if you want to change the papers, you need to rebuild it entirely.

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#2. Maggift Hardcover Notebook, Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loo

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If you prefer your notebook in a sleek design but with a classy look, this item can be the best option for you. The cover of the notebook comes with the fine PU leather. Also, there is a ruled hardcover on it. Its size is 8.5 x 5.7 in. Unlike some larger notebooks, it won’t be hard to carry. Especially, if you want to carry the notebook with you all the time. It easily fits your carrying bag. Like to write or do a sketch of different activities? Then this notebook will be the best companion for you.

The papers of the notebook are environment-friendly. They are recyclable, pollution-free and has no fluorescer. If you have allergy in the dust, you should replace your previous handbook with it. There are 120 sheets and 240 pages in the notebook. You can write or do artworks on both sides. Ink will never go through in the paper and each paper stays mess-free.

Maggift Hardcover Notebook, Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loo pros & cons


  • 80 gsm thicker papers for hassle-free writing with a fountain pen
  • Ruled off-white/cream color paper for better clarity
  • Comes with an elastic pen loop for your convenience
  • Versatile design allows you to do several things on it
  • Ideal for everyday usage and size is perfect to carry in an executive bag


  • The glue used in the notebook is not so good and make some inconvenience
  • The paper makes a little time to absorb the ink

This is an ideal notebook for daily life. It is easy to carry both in hand and bags. You should purchase it if you are looking for something durable.

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#3. Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook

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If you don’t want to try new products, should order this popular notebook for fountain pens. Because of the premium quality, this notebook already has got tons of 5-star ratings. This is a classy notebook that comes with thicker paper. It is ideal to do write with different pens including a fountain pen. You can also do sketching on it. The hardcover looks like leather and durable enough to provide the same service. The classic black color makes it so stunning.

This is an everyday use notebook which is easy to carry in a small book. Artists, writers, and students anyone can use it comfortably. The elastic closure makes it easy to open and close the notebook. It stays flat in the surface when opened. So, there is no hassle in writing. The ruled style helps you to keep your writing in the proper format.

Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook pros & cons


  • A wide range of color options for the hardcover
  • Papers are really thick that absorbs the ink quickly
  • Ribbon bookmark allows you to jump over to your desired page instantly
  • Comes with an expandable back pocket for notes, cards, and small things
  • Comfortably fits in backpacks and executive bags
  • You can have up to 400 pages according to the style


  • Its hardcover doesn’t come with the leather material

If you don’t want to spend much for a single notebook, this can be the best option. Though there is no leather cover, the hardcover performs the same as a leather cover.

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#4.  Leather Notebook Journal

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Are you looking for the best notebook for fountain pen with a genuine leather cover? Then, this item is strongly recommended for you. Though you will have tons of options, this one comes with the premium quality. Its hardcover is made of hand-crafted leather. It just looks stunning at any condition. The naturally tanned horse leather will get a different look when folding. But no worries! You can get back to the flat style by rubbing the cover.

You will like the thicker pages of this notebook. These pages allow the user to use different pens including a fountain pen. The compact design makes it easier to carry wherever you want. So, artists, writers, even students are using it for the convenience. There are 90 double-sided pages in it.

Leather Notebook Journal pros & cons


  • Comes with the rustic vintage look that makes it charming
  • Suitable for drawing sketching and scrapbooks
  • 5×4.5 inch dimension to hassle-free carrying
  • Refills are available online and you can save money
  • Elastic closure for convenient closing and opening


  • There is no pen look in the notebook

Among lots of notebooks with leather cover, this one comes with the most stunning look. If you are looking for a refillable one, this one should be your choice.

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#5. Dingbats Wildlife Medium A5+ Hardcover Notebook

Best notebooks for fountain pens

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If you are tired of low-quality notebooks, should try this item. Unlike the cheap notebooks, it won’t spread the ink of a fountain pen. It contains the 100gsm pages. These pages absorb the ink quickly to give you the freedom of writing consistently. The first thing you will love is the durable hardcover of it. It is bound with PU leather. There is an animal footprint on it that gives in a classy look. The compact size allows carrying with less effort. It easily fits in a small bag.

There are 96 sheets in this notebook and you can write on both sides. Its versatile design is suitable for artwork, scrapbook, writing, school journal, and more. Comes with the elastic closure for hassle-free closing and opening.

Dingbats Wildlife Medium A5+ Hardcover Notebook

pros & cons


  • Durable and recyclable materials which are eco-friendly
  • Comes with a pen holder for the convenience
  • Bookmark ribbon to make it easier to save a page
  • Comes inlined, plain, dots, and square styles
  • It is available in a wide range of colors


  • It doesn’t have a leather cover like the popular notebooks

This notebook is suitable for people who are looking for minimal design. The pages are really thick that provide protection from the fountain pen ink.

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Final Words:

If you ask me personally, I love to pick Moleskine Classic Hard Cover Notebook from the market. It can help you to write continuously up to 400 pages. It also essential for a notebook fitting with the backpack or executive bags. And it has. Moreover, it stays flat nicely when you open it. So, no more words here on it. Best Garden Tillers Review 2019

It’s not essential that best notebooks for fountain pens will always demand high coast. But it’s necessary to find them with the best match of your need and budget. You know, changing notebooks, again and again, is a boring job.

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