Best Fountain Pens Under 100$

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If you are a fountain pen lover and looking for the Best Fountain Pens, here you may stop searching. You can have a perfect and luxury fountain pen with less cost from our best picks. We’ve invested a few time to do some research for you. We believe that your time is more valuable than your money. When the fountain pen smoothly glides over the paper, it also creates significant sensual pleasure in the human mind.

Besides other benefits, if you love to do a delightful activity, writing with a best fountain pens should be on the top. We have also tried to write a few words on how it could help you.


Advantages of Using Fountain Pens: A question comes to mind that, is people coming back to fountain pens without any benefit. Believe it or not, the answer to the question is highly favorable. Fountain pens are the first choice for writing need, no matter how old are you! Here I will discuss a few advantages of using a fountain pen; and why people using this.


Environment-friendly: The ballpoint pens that we usually use go to the trash can after use up all its ink. Plastic waster is harmful to marine life and soil. Now think about a fountain pen, after running out of ink, open the reservoir and fill up it. Your trash box is still the same how it was.


Improved Style: Not only for cursive writing, it is well-suited for an improved style of handwriting too. It because of handling is more comfortable than a ballpoint pen. In the case of a capillary or any cursive writing, there is no alternative without fountain pens.


Reduced Cost for Long-run: We are careless on the cost of traditional disposable pens. We throw way even half used pens and buy a new one. Best Fountain pens demands one-time charge collecting a pen and ink. After the initial cost it will save you money in the long run besides your comfort.


Comfortable Gripping and Comfortable: Writing is not an easy task especially when you need to write a lot of pages. A good fountain pen can solve your over-gripping problem. As you are using a fountain pen for a long time, so it helps you to get comfortable with it and speed up.

Here, we have determined that our recommended Best Fountain Pens under 100$ would help to pick the right one for you.

#1. Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen Review

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When you are buying a fountain pen, it is not only about writing. You need to buy a pen that goes with your personality. For this, Dryden fountain pens come with an elegant outlook. This Dryden pen has the perfect weight that ensures comprehensive writing angle in different positions. The hand-assembled pen feels comfortable to write. The precise gripping technology makes it easier to use.

The most updated ergo-comfort technology guarantees you can write for even hours without interruption. Balancing of this pen is just excellent and doesn’t make much pressure on your finger. Besides regular writing, this fountain pen is also suitable for calligraphy. Ink comes in the nib at an even manner and doesn’t spread on the paper. Because of the handy design, anyone can use it.

Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen Review pros & cons


  • It is suitable for both right and left-handed writers
  • Comes with a high-quality converter for the convenience
  • It is an ideal pen for journaling and calligraphy
  • The smooth flow of ink to make your writing stunning
  • The metallic finish gives in an exceptional look that anyone like
  • Comes with a velvet gift pouch


  • It doesn’t perform well with low-quality inks

If you are a fountain pen lover, you should keep this pen in your collection. You can also give this pen to anyone as a gift which will make the person happy for sure.

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#2. Moonman Fountain Pen Review

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Don’t you like the conventional fountain pen that comes in a generous size? Want to keep the fountain pen in your pocket comfortably? Then I would suggest you buy this Moonman pen. It comes in a compact size. When you close the cap, it becomes smaller like a lipstick. This size allows you to carry it comfortably everywhere. Unlike the traditional fountain pens, it comes with a transparent look.

The seal ring allows refilling the ink conveniently. Larger ink capacity saves your time. You can write in different angles without any interruption. Its fine writing nib delivers even lines and you get the most beautiful writing.

Moonman Fountain Pen Review pros & cons


  • Lightweight design makes it easier to write in speed
  • Compact size with tube shape for hassle-free carrying
  • It is suitable to use different colors of inks
  • You can use eyedropper or ink sac
  • Comes with an eyedropper and 6 ink cartridges


  • This fountain pen doesn’t allow to use a converter
  • Not the best one for daily writing

People who travel a lot and want to write beautiful memories in the notebook will like this pen a lot. Though it is smaller in size, you will enjoy all the features like a standard one.

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#3. Picasso 903 Sweden Flower King Fountain Pen Review

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Picasso 903 is one of the best fountain pens which comes with durable construction. If you have a bad experience with the previous fountain pens, should order this one. The first thing you will notice on this pen is its metallic finish. Cap of the pen is also lovely that you will like it for sure. It is an ideal pen for daily usages.

Its steel nib is highly durable and moves smoothly on paper. The lightweight design makes it easy to write faster. Also, the perfect weight balancing will give comfort to your hand. It comes with the converter style for convenience. Ink never spills on the paper. The sturdy nib ensures even flow of ink and keeps the paper mess free.

Picasso 903 Sweden Flower King Fountain Pen Review pros & cons


  • Push type cap to keep the pen sealed after usage
  • Easy to refill the ink with regular cartridges
  • Metal construction ensures the longevity
  • It’s easy to write in different angles with this fountain pen
  • A versatile design that fits all


  • It comes with a converter but fits bottle inks only

This fountain pen is ideal for those who want smooth writing. Also, if you are a frequent user of a fountain pen, this item will suit you.

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#4. Fountain Pen Writing Set Review

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This is the most elegant fountain pen in the market that comes with bamboo wooden material. It comes with the vintage look. This pen a handcrafted product which is eco-friendly. It is a well-balanced and you can write in different angles. The pen smoothly moves on the paper and ensures even flow of ink. So, you get the perfect writing each time.

It is simple to use. You can use most of the common inks with it. There is a converter inside the pen that helps for hassle-free refilling. The perfect sealing is guaranteed with it. Its cap comes with metal and wood finishing to make a stunning look. You will receive the pen with a bamboo wood gift box.

Fountain Pen Writing Set Review pros & cons


  • Ink never spills with this fountain pen
  • Easy flowing for smooth writing on the paper
  • You can place the nib in any angle for writing
  • Classy look with the metal and wood finishing
  • Fine gold medium nib for the durability
  • Easy refilling with the converter
  • Handcrafted fountain pen with eco-friendly bamboo wood materials


  • It doesn’t come with the ink cartridge
  • This fountain pen is not scratch resistant

If you are going to gift a fountain pen to someone, you should buy this. Its classy and stunning outlook will make anyone happy.

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#5. Dayspring Pens | Personalized ARIZONA Fountain Pen Review

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Dayspring Pens have some amazing products in their collection. All of their products come with a stylish look and durable construction. Among all those products, this Personalized ARIZONA is the best. It comes red wine color and the metallic finish which makes it attractive. You will fall in love with this fountain pen in first sight. It comes in a gift case which is also good-looking.

The engraving gold color is permanent and it doesn’t wear off after usages. This custom made fountain pen is suitable to write at any angle. Also, the nib smoothly moves on the paper. You will experience a comfortable writing experience with it. There is no hassle in the refilling. From calligraphy to sketching, everything is possible with this item.

Dayspring Pens | Personalized ARIZONA Fountain Pen Review pros & cons


  • You can use different cartridges for ink
  • Easy to refill with the converter
  • Deep red gift box with the pen which is gift ready
  • There is an extra cartridge with the pen
  • Well balanced design to ensure the best experience
  • Ideal for daily purposes and artworks


  • Sometimes the gist box comes in a tacky condition which you wouldn’t like

If you are looking for a versatile fountain pen to gift someone, this item can be a good choice. It is durable enough to provide the best performance for a long time.

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Final Words:

We have discussed the Best Fountain Pens Under 100$ on the market. Continuous clicks on the smartphone or keyboard are pushing us from the enjoyment and real life. Taking a break from our boring tech addiction is necessary for our mental health too. These best fountain pens under 100$ here may help you most for getting relaxed and do something creative.


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